Network cameras

Network cameras watch
over for the safety
and security of spectators, athletes and people
gathering for recreation at Oita Sports Park.

Oita Sports Park includes a multipurpose dome stadium accommodating around 40,000 people and a martial arts sports center serving as an indoor sports hub with a capacity of some 5,000 people. Sports competitions such as rugby, soccer, judo and kendo, as well as cultural events, are held here. The park also contains a training gym and serves as a recreation center for local residents.

In 2019, in preparation for hosting an international sports event and opening of the martial arts sports center, Oita Prefecture implemented a Canon network camera system. The high-resolution 20 megapixel (approx.) cameras and the 30x zoom cameras installed inside the dome capture the spectator seats widely, and in case of any incident, allow for a detailed verification. With the video management software, the feed from a total of 65 cameras positioned at the two facilities can be checked from any one of the security offices.

Canon’s technologies support the creation of an environment where park visitors can relax and enjoy themselves fully.

All video from every camera can be displayed at the security offices

Network camera installed on the ceiling at the entrance of the Showa Denko Budo Sports Center

The high-resolution 20 megapixel (approx.) camera jointly developed by Canon and Axis, a Canon Group company

Network cameras that monitor safety and security
are at the core of the Smart City.

Network camera market continues to grow

Whether monitoring to assist crime prevention in the streets, traffic control, or security around rivers, and for other applications, network cameras are a key piece of social infrastructure. With the ease of video handling, checking and high image quality using digital technology, as well as the increasing consciousness toward safety and security, the market has boomed. The demand has expanded into such fields as marketing, where the systems analyze the customer flow at stores and events, and manufacturing, where they support production automation and safety.

Network camera in operation at a Fukuoka City Subway station

Customized solutions for each client

Network camera users have a wide range of requirements, including scale and installation locations. Together, our broad lineup of cameras, video management system (VMS) for controlling and recording videos from multiple cameras, and video content analytic software (VCA) help provide solutions to difficult challenges. Canon is able to propose an optimal solution for each client based on their unique issues.

Comprehensive camera, video management and video analysis offerings

Canon has commercialized high-sensitivity, high-resolution network cameras utilizing optical technologies, and has also focused on developing VCA featuring crowd counting technology that can count thousands of people in real time. The Canon Group now has the advantage of being able to provide a comprehensive solutions package by welcoming into the Group: Axis (based in Sweden), a network camera pioneer which boasts an extensive product lineup and partners with over 90,000 partners; Milestone Systems (based in Denmark), a VMS leader whose XProtect soft-ware supports over 8,000 models of network cameras from more than 150 companies; and BriefCam (based in Israel) whose Video Synopsis technology greatly reduces analysis time.

Crowd counting technology that can count thousands of people in real time

BriefCam´s video analytics software summarizes lengthy video footage and filters it to show a target object; in this case, red cars

The strength of an open ecosystem

Another Canon strength is our ability to flexibly support cameras, VMS´s, and VCA´s of other manufacturers and vendors. From an early stage, both Axis and Milestone adopted the “Open Platform Strategy,” which allows partner companies to expand their systems. As many partner companies can freely build their own solutions, creating ecosystems involving not only Canon Group companies but others as well, the Group´s business continues to grow around the world.

R&D at Milestone Systems

Infrastructure which serves as the foundation for smart cities

As the populations of nations worldwide concentrate in metropolitan areas, the smart city concept has advanced to ensure a comfortable quality of life. Network camera data is used for every-thing from estimating and averting traffic and crowd congestion to disaster prevention. To contribute to the foundational infrastructure of future smart cities, the Canon Group is pursuing the development of advanced technologies such as AI, which holds the promise to provide solutions in many fields.

Network cameras are the eyes of collaborative robots

ollaborative robots, which work together with people, play an active role in production lines. Canon has commercialized our Vision Edition software, which uses a network camera as the eye of a collaborative robot. Employing zoom and autofocus technologies, the network cameras perform tasks such as visual inspection and detection, checking barcodes and instrument numbers, helping the collaborative robot to work intelligently and efficiently.