Saitama City Hospital.
More advanced.
More patient-friendly.

In December 2019, Saitama City Hospital reopened as a new facility with the mission to continue providing safe and secure medical care to 1.3 million citizens.

To support advanced healthcare, the hospital installed two of Canon Medical Systems´ newest MRI scanners. MRI captures images of the inside of the body using magnetic fields and electromagnetic waves without exposure to radiation. In less-advanced systems, one of the drawbacks is that in order to obtain clear images for diagnosis, the patient must remain in a confined and noisy area for a lengthy period of time while the scanning takes place. Canon Medical MRI scanners mitigate these issues by providing a more spacious, open and quiet examination space, and implementing the world´s first Deep Learning Reconstruction technology for removing noise from images. The high-definition images produced by our MRI scanners facilitate more accurate diagnosis, shorter exam times and less burden on the patient.

Hand in hand with the new Saitama City Hospital, Canon is contributing to the provision of more advanced and patient-friendly medical care.

MRI scanner equipped with noise removal technology incorporating deep learning

The newly opened Saitama City Hospital

As patients and treatment centers strive for healthy
lives, a trusted frontline medical system is needed.

Growth in the medical device market continues

In the era of the 100-year life span, humanity faces a growing need for prevention, early detection and early treatment of disease. Even as expectations for growth in the medical markets rise, chal-lenges such as the rising numbers of patients in aging societies and the greater burden on healthcare workers must be addressed. By offering products and services that provide value to both patients and healthcare professionals, Canon continues to grow our medical business.

Hokkaido University Hospital uses Canon´s medical information viewer Abierto Cockpit for determining courses of treatment

Business development with Canon Medical at the core

Currently, the entire Canon Group is working together to expand our medical business in three fields: diagnostic imaging, medical IT and in-vitro diagnostics. Canon Medical, which joined the Group in 2016, plays a central role in this strategy. Under the company´s Made for Life management philosophy, which expresses the commitment to contribute to medical care that protects health and precious lives, Canon Medical pursues optimal solutions on the frontlines of medical care. Renowned for inventing and introducing numerous world-first and first-in-Japan technologies, Canon Medical continues to grow.

Canon CT diagnostic systems minimize radiation exposure and other burdens

Increasing use of diagnostic imaging systems for advanced treatments

Modern advanced medical care would not exist without diagnostic imaging. For early detection and treatment, Canon Medical employs AI and other leading-edge technologies to ensure that our diagnostic imaging systems, including MRI scanners, CT, ultra-sound and X-ray angiography systems, achieve high image quality.

Medical IT supports more precise medical care

Thanks to advancements in healthcare, the medical world has begun to accumulate vast amounts of patient information such as diagnostic images. The role of medical IT is to consolidate, analyze, and process this information, and provide cogent data. Canon medical IT not only enables the integrated display of diagnostic images from different systems, but also supports the collection and consolidation of patient data such as medication history, daily temperature and blood pressure over time. This facilitates accurate diagnostics and treatments.

Focusing on in-vitro diagnostics

In-vitro diagnostics enables early detection and diagnosis of dis-eases through blood and urine testing. In addition to clinical testing systems, Canon offers testing kits for easy, rapid detection of infectious diseases such as influenza and Zika fever.

Specimen testing system for examining blood components

Pioneering new areas for future growth

Canon is stepping up our efforts to achieve new business growth by entering new fields such as bioscience. In 2019, we entered capital partnerships with the medical device incubator and innovator Japanese Organization for Medical Device Development and FemtoDX (U.S.), which develops technology for portable devices that can detect heart failure and ischemic stokes. Quality Electrodynamics (U.S.), a manufacturer of essential devices for MRI equipment, became a consolidated subsidiary in 2019. ACTmed, which joined the Group in 2018, has established a laboratory in Japan to provide high-quality clinical sequencing testing services for cancer-related genomic profiling to help physicians find more treatment options and identify the most suitable therapies. Each endeavor is part of Canon’s efforts to ensure the optimal treatment for each patient.

ACTmed’s Shonan Health Innovation Park Laboratory conducts cancer-related genomic profiling

Contributing to early detection by visualizing metastatic bone cancer

Late detection of bone metastasis has a huge impact on patients’ quality of life. Canon Medical has commercialized software that contributes to early detection. Our use of image processing makes it possible to align current and past diagnostic images taken under different exam situations and conditions. Comprehensive testing at Kyoto University has enabled improvements to this technology so that changes to the bone over time are clearly visible.