Industrial equipment

Smartphones. Data centers. All supported by Canon industrial equipment.

A focus on semiconductor manufacturing equipment

The cloud, smartphones, AI and IoT are expected to drive semi-conductor industry growth for years to come. Semiconductor manufacturing is the core of Canon´s industrial equipment business. OLED panels, whose production is said to depend on Canon Tokki’s manufacturing equipment, are an example of Canon´s strong presence in industrial equipment.

Celebrating 50 years of semiconductor lithography equipment

Canon´s lithography equipment business began in 1970 with the commercialization of Japan´s first semiconductor lithography equipment. Today, our lineup includes equipment used to draw patterns on logic, memory and image sensors, equipment for manufacturing LCD panels and other equipment vital to business and society.

Nanoimprint semiconductor lithography equipment in testing for mass production use at a memory chip manufacturer

Three Group companies pioneering new business

At the center of Canon´s expansion into the business domain of industrial equipment are three Group companies: Canon Tokki, which commercialized mass production OLED panel manufacturing equipment; Canon ANELVA, which specializes in sputtering equipment for next-generation memory and hard disk drives; and Canon Machinery, which manufactures the die bonders used for semiconductor chip bonding and labor-saving automation equipment. These three companies collaborate on and take up new challenges such as the commercialization of next-generation OLED panel manufacturing equipment.

Canon Machinery die bonders are essential to semiconductor chip production process

Developing revolutionary new technologies

Canon is developing nanoimprint lithography technology that has the potential to revolutionize the semiconductor industry. Conventionally, light has been used to draw patterns onto the silicon wafers. Canon´s technology, which entails pressing a mold, or mask, onto a resist, is gaining recognition as a simpler, more cost-efficient method of flash memory production. Verification for mass production is now being conducted by a major semiconductor manufacturer.

Canon Electronics is pursuing space development

Canon Electronics has drawn together various Group company technologies and resources for microsatellite development. In 2017, a satellite equipped with a Canon digital camera was launched. Since then, high-resolution image data has been continuously captured and transmitted to earth. In 2019, the subsidiary Space One, a small rocket launch service company, began construction of Japan´s first privately owned launch complex, Spaceport Kii, which is planned for completion by summer 2021.

Model image of Spaceport Kii