Canon’s COVID-19 Response

Canon Group operations around the world have listened to local concerns, donated products and supplies, and supported the frontline medical community through early deliveries of medical equipment and various other initiatives using Canon technology and services. We are also actively trying to help people adapt to the “new normal” using products, technologies and solutions in our areas of strength.

Tackling COVID-19 Infections

Frontline medical support3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING

Developing diagnostic imaging systems and reagents for COVID-19 diagnosis and supplying face shields manufactured using Canon production technology are among the contributions we have made to supporting the medical frontline and lowering the risk of infection in the community.

Donations/fundraising activities3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING

Besides face masks, face shields and other hygiene products, Canon operations worldwide have provided food and other essential supplies as well as financial donations.


To help bring a swift end to the pandemic, Canon joined the “Open COVID-19 Declaration” as a founding member. Canon has declared commit not to assert certain intellectual property right against development, manufacturing and other any activities whose purpose is stopping the spread of COVID-19.

See here for information on other relevant activities:

In-house initiatives to prevent infection

An in-house team established within Canon Inc. is coordinating various measures by Canon Group companies in Japan.

Besides wearing masks, practicing proper hand hygiene and cough etiquette, and ensuring people to get adequate nutrition and sleep to stay healthy, the measures to prevent the spread of infection include restrictions on overseas travel and large-scale internal/external events, the enforcement of social distancing at work, and the promotion of staggered commute and telework arrangements. We are also encouraging more diverse patterns of employment, including developing systems to allow employees to work from home.

Canon Group companies outside Japan have undertaken initiatives in line with government policies and local conditions.

Adapting to the New Normal

Supporting COVID-safe lifestyles3 GOOD HEALTH AND WELL-BEING

We provide solutions to the needs of society as it combats COVID-19 infection. As well as a qualitative antigen test kit capable of fast and simple COVID-19 antigen detection, we have developed a relocatable CT scanner product consisting of a complete X-ray CT scanner device packed into a freight container that makes diagnostic imaging possible wherever and whenever necessary.

Realizing richer,
more convenient communications

When used as webcams, EOS series cameras provide pristine images you can only get with DSLR and mirrorless technology to enhance online video-based communication, including work meetings, virtual conferences, online events and remote learning. Canon products enable new forms of communication so everyone can participate in society equally.

Creating a safer society for all11 SUSTAINABLE CITIES AND COMMUNITIES

Silhouette-based people-counting software that protects individual privacy can play a role in maintaining social distancing by assessing current occupancy of a restaurant or venue relative to its COVID-safe capacity.

Digital transformation in the office9 INDUSTRY, INNOVATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE

Canon supplies multifunction devices that enable rapid, high-quality conversion of vast quantities of office documentation into electronic form via the use of integrated cloud services. Through this digitalization of office procedures, we are supporting the diversification of work styles, as seen in the rapid rise of teleworking.

The COVID-19 pandemic is transforming the world in different ways, inducing change in our social and economic systems, and the behavior, perception and values of people worldwide. The need to avoid face-to-face meeting and physical contact in everyday life has seen the sudden expansion of solutions such as teleworking, online education, and online medical consultation. One result has been a further acceleration of the pace of the digital transformation (DX) that is bringing sweeping change to society, the economy, and the structure of industry.
Canon regards it as part of its duty as a corporate citizen to respond to the changes under this “new normal” by presenting solutions that are sensitive to the needs of people and society. Taking as one of its reference points the Sustainable Development Goals that are the focus of concerted efforts worldwide, Canon remains committed to helping realize a sustainable and more resilient society where people can live safe, secure and comfortable lives.