Message from the CEO

Contributing to the Realization of a Better Society as a Good Corporate Citizen

Companies, as public entities within society, are expected to contribute to the realization of a better society through sound and fair business activities.

Since the Company's founding, the spirit of contributing to society has been an integral part of Canon's corporate culture. In addition to offering excellent products and services worldwide, we have strived to ensure full compliance, protect the global environment, and provide humanitarian support around the world following disasters.

In 2012, we established the Canon Group CSR Activity Policy, which outlines Canon's commitment to our CSR efforts in global as well as local communities by effectively leveraging the company's advanced technological strengths, global business deployment, and diverse, specialized human resources. Canon also released the Canon Group CSR Basic Statement in 2017, which reiterates our stance regarding the fundamental and universal corporate social responsibilities that the Company must fulfill toward stakeholders.

Capitalizing on our strengths, Canon will contribute to the realization of a better society as a good corporate citizen, based on our philosophy of Kyosei, so as to be a corporation worthy of admiration and respect worldwide as a truly excellent global company.

Fujio Mitarai
Chairman & CEO
Canon Inc.

Fujio Mitarai