Semiconductor Lithography Equipment
FPA-5520iV / HR Option / LF Option
i-line stepper for advanced packaging with an optional lineup supporting high resolution and large exposure field

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Basic Information

Model Name: FPA-5520iV / HR Option / LF Option


FPA-5520iV addresses next-generation packaging production challenges including Fan Out Wafer Level Packaging [FOWLP]

FPA-5520iV steppers have functions designed for processing of reconstituted FOWLP Wafers that consist of individual die that are mounted and encapsulated onto a carrier substrate for further processing. FOWLP wafers can suffer from severe warpage and die shift that must be overcome.

FPA-5520iV steppers employ a wafer handling system with flexible vacuum pads on robot end-effectors and other countermeasures to vacuum chuck warped substrates.

FPA-5520iV stepper wafer stages adopt a new wafer chucking system with increased suction to secure and flatten substrates, allowing high optical performance.

FPA-5520iV steppers utilize a new wide-field alignment scope with a field-of-view that is doubled vs. FPA-5510iV steppers, making automatic wafer alignment possible when wafers contain large amounts of die shift, to improve equipment utilization and productivity.

FPA-5520iV is a high performance i-line stepper

FPA-5520iV steppers achieve the highest levels of productivity among leading edge i-line steppers.*
FPA-5520iV steppers employ newly developed high-intensity illumination optics system that realizes an approximately 30% improvement in illumination intensity vs. FPA-5510iV steppers. FPA-5520iV steppers reduce exposure times for the thick photo-resist processes to boost back-end wafer processing capacity as much as **20%.

  • *Among same-class i-line steppers. As of July 4, 2016 (Examination by Canon)
  • **Throughput compared with the FPA-5510iV. 300 mm wafers, 60 shots, 10000J/m2 dose

FPA-5520iV inherits the benefits proven by the FPA-5510iV stepper

FPA-5520iV steppers inherit the proven high-resolution projection lens and imaging performance of the FPA-5510iV stepper.
FPA-5520iV steppers provide the same alignment system options as FPA-5510iV steppers to deliver robust and accurate overlay performance.
FPA-5520iV steppers adopt FPA-5510iV stepper console software with common operation procedures and easy recipe conversion.

FPA-5520iV HR Option achieves resolution of 0.8um to support the advanced packaging process

In response to the growing demand for high-density redistribution layer wiring in the FOWLP market, "FPA-5520iV HR option" has been released since December 2018. The FPA-5520iV HR Option employs a new projection optical system that achieves a resolution of 0.8µm, the finest resolution available in packaging-oriented lithography systems.

  • * Among same-class i-line steppers. With flatess equal to Si wafer. As of December 10, 2018. Based on a Canon survey.

FPA-5520iV LF Option realizes a single exposure with large field of 52x68mm

Equipped with a new projection optical system, a single exposure with large field of 52 × 68mm, which is more than 4 times the standard exposure field (26 x 33mm) of the lithography system in front-end process. This makes it possible to support heterogeneous integration where multiple large semiconductor chips are bonded.


FPA-5520iV: ≦1.5µm
FPA-5520iV HR Option: ≦0.8µm
FPA-5520iV LF Option: ≦1.5µm(High resolution option: ≦1.0µm)
NA (Numerical Aperture)
FPA-5520iV:0.18~0.15 (Variable)
FPA-5520iV HR Option:0.24~0.15 (Variable)
FPA-5520iV LF Option:0.24~0.15 (Variable)
Reduction Ratio
Field Size
FPA-5520iV:52 mm x 34 mm
FPA-5520iV HR Option:52 mm x 34 mm
FPA-5520iV LF Option:52 mm x 68 mm
Exposure Wavelength
i-Line 365nm
Reticle Size
6 inch
Wafer Size
300 mm (12 inch)
Overlay Accuracy
≦ 0.15 µm
Main Body Dimensions
(W) 2,300 x (D) 3,340 x (H) 2,700 mm
Major Options
Through-Silicon Alignment Scope (TSA-Scope)
Wafer Edge Shielding Unit
Wafer Edge Exposure Unit
Chemical Filter
Resist Outgas Exhaust Unit
PC Remote Console
GEM-compliant online software
Pellicle Particle Checker
Illumination System Purge Unit