Commercial printing

More beautiful. Faster. Higher volume.
Digital commercial printing is growing.

Digitalization continues to advance in commercial printing

Digital printing holds a growing share of the commercial print-ing market, which includes such business and sales materials as catalogs, books, direct mail, transactional applications and posters. The print quality now rivals that of analog offset print-ing, which involves plate creation, test printing and large print runs. Thanks to variable-data printing, in which individual pages can be customized, and short-run production, in which even single lot printing is possible, digital printing is creating new business in such fields as marketing and publishing.

Digital printing easily adapts to needs such as short-runs and quick turnaround

From page imposition to book binding

Digital printing contributes to automated workflow and enhances efficiency at printing companies. Canon’s PRISMA software centrally manages the printing process workflow from pre-press work to book binding. Even when there are differences in the configurations of the various presses, ease of operation is ensured, which is why PRISMA continues to earn the trust of printing companies as easy-to-use software that can boost their business competitiveness.

With a view towards industrial printing

Canon offers a large printer lineup for the diverse needs of commercial printing. To meet customer needs in such fields as graphic arts, and newspaper and monochrome publication, our printers include continuous feed presses offering over 100m/minute high-speed duplex printing on paper rolls; sheet-fed presses that print on standard size paper; and large-format printers for such media as posters. Additionally, we are now conducting R&D in the field of industrial printing, which includes packages and labels.

Colorado 1650 large-format printer for the graphic arts market

Establishment of Canon Production Printing

The center of Canon commercial printing is the products and services of Océ, the Netherlands-based manufacturer of high-speed, large-format printers, which joined the Canon Group in 2010. With the aim of strengthening our position in commercial printing, Océ´s corporate name was changed to Canon Production Printing in 2020. Now, with all products unified under the Canon brand, and through Group collaboration, we will continue making developments based on our accumulated technology to accelerate growth.